Executive Protection Services

Private Investigations

Peaceful Journey has one of the most comprehensive private investigation divisions. All of our private investigators are retired police officers with over 20 years of experience. Our investigators have experience in the following areas:

  • litigation support
  • subpoena service
  • review case files and update attorney
  • prepare detailed reports
  • digitalize active/inactive case files
  • review case law
  • crime scene analysis
  • police practice litigation
  • labor law
  • insurance
  • criminal defense
  • background investigations
  • surveillance
  • traffic accidents
  • domestic and workplace violence
  • employee background

Special Event Security

PJEP has provided security for some of the world’s largest concerts and prestigious events. From a small in-store autograph signing, to a 15,000-seat arena, our goal is to keep each patron safe, perform crowd control as well as secure the facility

Church Armor Bearer

Peaceful Journey Executive Protection Agents specialized in church security better known as Armor Bearers. Due to the recent attacks on Pastors, perishers, staff, and church buildings. We train our agents to understand church protocols, different religious practices, and providing a safe place for people to worship.

PJEP agents have extensive training in firearms, metal detectors, de-escalation in large crowd environments, active shooter training, First Aid, CPR, Automatic External Defibrillator, and dealing with the evacuation of crowds in high threat environments.

Dont let this happened to your church!

Church Security

PJEP agents used a 24-hour dispatch system which allows our agents to communicate with ensuing in the emergency medical services are routed to your location. PJEP will install surveillance cameras or oversee an already existing surveillance system and can be integrated with our dispatch system.

PJEP has a uniform patrol division which consists of patrol vehicles as well as motorcycles. PJEP uniform agents are used to deter potential auto burglars, thefts, robberies, and other crimes that occur on or around church properties.

PJEP motorcycle agents are used to assist with directing traffic to and from church parking lots or special events. Our motorcycle agents many of them have retired as police motor officers who have the training and experience with traffic control while dealing with several vehicles and at times traffic collisions.

Residential Protection

PJEP offers peace of mind, safety and security. Our patrol officers are highly trained professionals who are also former police officers. Just one phone call will give you a highly skilled officer in your community, but most importantly at your doorstep!

Onset Video/Movie Security

Peaceful Journey Executive Protection provides detailed orientated security for commercials, movies, videos, and concert tours. PJEP has several years and hundreds of concert tours that have been proven to outlast most of our competitors. We understand the importance of not allowing fans, spectators, and paparazzi to enter restricted areas.
PJEP uses mobile command post to ensure surveillance cameras, drones and other surveillance equipment to maintain a safe environment for your staff, artists, and equipment. All of our agents signed Non-Disclosure Agreements to ensure that they will not leak important information to the press or others who intend to cause havoc.

Dignitary Protection

Peaceful Journey Executive Protection specialized in Dignitary Protection. We offer protection for Political candidates or city officials who require discreet protection. PJEP agents are trained in executive protection, firearms, self-defense, evasive driving, metal detectors, First Aid, Emergency Medical Tactical training, undercover surveillance, advance planning, and understanding how to deal with the media.

Celebrity Protection

Peaceful Journey Executive Protection offers celebrity protection to some of the world's most well-known entertainers, athletes, actors, actresses, and other know industry executives for over twenty years.

As the owner of the company, I was once asked, "Do you have bodyguards over six feet tall." I said I do have some agents that meet your height requirement, but why do you want someone that size. The client said it gives that intimidation factor.

I proceed to explain to the client that The Secret Service protects The President of the United States Of America. The client responded and said, yes, what is your point. I explained to them you would never see anyone on The Secret Service that tall; in fact, the average person is approximately five feet and seven inches. I advised the client what you see is the training, discipline, and experience. If someone attempted to harm The President, The Secret Service would react and keep him safe at all cost, even if they risked their own lives. I told the client that you are getting The Secret Service, but just in the private sector.

PJEP agents will maintain composure if a stressful situation occurs. Our agents have gone through vetted a background procedure, and before any assignment, the agent must sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure the client's privacy will remain private.

Cannabis Security

Peaceful Journey Executive Protection, specialize in providing discreet, trained professional agents to protect your cannabis dispensary. Our agents are trained in self-defense, arrest control, firearm, baton, taser, pepper spray, de-escalating potential threats, report writing, and certified in First Aid, CPR, and an Automatic External Defibrillator. All our agents go through an intense background investigation which consists of random drug tests, driving records, credit checks, prior job references, criminal background, and physical fitness tests. Each agent is hired once they have been properly vetted.

PJEP agents make sure your clients have proper identification before entering the establishment, being able to assist in the event there is a medical emergency. PJEP agents ensure the safety of not only your store but employees but will train employees to recognize potential dangers that would harm not only them but the store.

PJEP has a 24-hour dispatch service which would allow our agents to contact the local police department or medical services in the event of an emergency. PJEP also offers trained dispatchers whom many work for the police department as dispatchers.

PJEP also offer 24-hour alarm monitoring system, surveillance cameras, and biometric locks. This will ensure the safety of all personnel and coordinate emergency services in the event one should occur.

PJEP can safely transport valuable products and assist with bank deposits to the bank. We use an armored vehicle which is monitored by using a Global Position System, maintaining constant communication with the dispatcher and ensuring a counter-surveillance team that will arrive ahead of each delivery to ensure a smooth transaction.



Multi-platium Rapper

“I used Donte of Peaceful Journey Executive Protection service on the set of my Historical video shoot for “Tell Me When To Go” as well as several other videos and convert tours. I highly recommend Donte and his staff.”

Smokie Norful

Multi-platium gospel recording artist

“I was very impressed with the professionalism and how well Donte and his staff made sure I was well protected”

Antonio Servidio

Tunnel Vision Movie - Executive Producer 360 Media Touring Family Productions Agency

"I recommend Donte Butcher and Peaceful Journey Executive Protection to anyone looking for excellent security. Donte started working for us at 360 Media Touring and Family Productions Agency in 2004 as security at the concerts. We eventually promoted him as head of security for all our tours and road management assignments. Donte worked with our staff on travel arrangements for the artists, tour schedules, routing, and logistics. Donte has worked with us on the following tours Lil Wayne, Nelly, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Too Short, E-40, Tech 9, Lil Jon, Pitbull, and many others. He also was the Director of Security on our film set, Tunnel Vision Movie, Feat: G-Eazy. Donte has always been punctual, professional, honest, and eager to learn and expand into all aspects of the entertainment business."

JaMarcus Russel

Quarterback for the Raiders

“Donte and his team made sure I was safe while signing autographs. I felt like I had the Secret Service protecting me.”